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About Us

Welcome to NATTA Marketing Limited.  If you haven’t realised this yet, we LOVE digital marketing!  We love working with people who “Get” that this online marketing stuff is one of the most powerful ways to cut through the clutter and get people talking about you, when it’s done right!

We get people seen and in front of the right people more often and with consistent, focused, strategic action steps.


Back in the 90’s Nolan was a professionally trained Massage Therapist in North Carolina.  Realising he knew nothing about marketing his business he set about learning whatever he could about local marketing and, as it developed, online marketing.

As his friends saw his business grow using these things called “websites” and “e-mails” they asked for advice and, having the training bug ever present, set about helping other people get set up for success.

Fast forward a couple of decades and Nolan has taught digital marketing, local marketing, video marketing and strategy to thousands of businesses on several continents, including a recent trip to Geneva, Switzerland, to teach digital marketing. 

In April 2015 we decided to rebrand and put forward our mindset and attitude to online marketing as part of our brand.  NATTA Marketing was born.  We want to get people talking about you and bring the tools and expertise to you to make it happen.

Our biggest focus is apps.  Growing by leaps and bounds they are by far one of the most effective ways to cut through the online crap and get you seen when YOU want to be seen, not when someone happens to check email or visit social media.  Point blank, apps work for local businesses.

We also put emphasis on teaching small business owners and in house marketing teams how to get the most out of all this online “stuff”, in a comfortable setting and with guidance that helps you understand it and know what to do with it to make it work.

Our passion is helping businesses get seen first more often.  To do that, you have to take action.  We show you how.